Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shearwaters,puffins,gulls and kittywakes !

After reading Alvan Buckley's post about the sheerwaters and the photos he got i HAD to go and see things for my self.Lets just say it payed off......
When me and my dad arrived there wasn't much on the go as you can see from the photo above.We were told that the sheerwaters come in waves and move back out.After about 20 minutes of one here one there we got a good movement.
The birds were in a real sheerwater feeding frenzy.They were dancing on the water and every now and then one would over shoot the landing and plop up on to the beach along side of us.I can see that they were not very good on land.
I thought we were seeing lots of birds but.....about 35 Min's after i arrived there the REAL feeding frenzy started !
The whole cove was birds ! The water was birds the air was birds and there was even birds flopping onto the beach.It was not something i think I'm ever going to see again.
I wasn't the only birder there enjoying the sights.There was some of the local birding community present and a few main landers haha.

I thought the people there had big lenses but then a group from ontario came with the big guns.

Here are some of my more favourite shots from the day:

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  1. Nice photos BK!
    If you look at this site:

    the high tides tomorrow are at 9:46am and 9:42pm. If you're going to go again I would suggest going around those times!
    Maybe I'll see you there!
    Good luck :)