Thursday, 15 November 2012

Catch up on Birding

While i was away from the blog for quite some spell i added a few birds to my life list !
The more and more time i spend at birding and photography the better it is ! Here are some of my favourite shots !

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Lee Naraway

This lady pictured below is one of the most inspirational and motivate photographers i have ever met. While on my trip to the arctic i met lee and she shared with me some great tips for photography.
Some of the photos in my last post were taken by her.

Check here for some of my more recent shots !

Monday, 12 November 2012

Im Backkkk !!!!

First off i would like to apologise to the few people that used to follow the blog for not posting in ages !
My trip to the arctic was amazing and life changing to say the least ! I got to meet some amazing and very inspirational people on my expedition and i can now say i have memories i will never forget !!

On my trip i got to see polar bears, walrus, LOTS of northern fulmar and the ice...AMAZING ICE. The same ice that kept us stuck in Iqaluit for 4 extra days and caused the CANADIAN COAST GARD to come a rescue us !! Talk about action packed !

Besides the birds and the mammals i also got to meet some Inuit elders and the knowledge they contain is more then anyone could of taken in, in the short period of time i was with them. However the information i did get was unbelievable ! Everything from native plants to politics ! They were so so kind and welcoming it was striking how much they welcome you into there little tiny community's with open arms (not kidding hugs from strangers)

The photo opps seemed to never end... But i had missed the breeding birds of the arctic by about 3 weeks..Bummer

In total i seen 17 polar bears 5 walrus and literally thousands of mures, fulmars !