Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Highly Anticipating Spring !

Over the last few nice warm days i have been thinking about spring and all the things i want to see this spring/summer as far as places and birds !
I am thinking about planing a MEGA trip which will include going to none other then the beautiful Codroy Valley ! Ive herd much about this amazing area with its birds scenery and wildlife, The obvious  main reason is the photo opps and the amazing birds i will see that I'm sure i will not see hanging around the Avalon !
BUT.... until then I'm waiting through the last few months of winter on the almost bird less Avalon.
I have been getting out a couple times to try and hunt down some birds but there's just not a whole lot to see !

Now in a few months when i finally pay off my large camera tab that i have put upon myself i am going to stop making the big purchases which i seem to be doing alot lately, i am going to buy some little things that will improve my photography and just some essential things like a camera bag, filters,Frogg Togg waders, back up batteries and a memory card or too.
Over the last year i have definitely definitely made some major investments that i see as 100% necessary for my photography endeavours (not as enjoyed by my mother)

I'm so excited to once again be able to go and take photographs with out being froze to death or having to wear 6 layers of clothing only to still be cold.....Come on spring warblers !

Monday, 20 February 2012

Winter Birding cont.

So far winter birding has been slow....very slow.
I haven't been able to get out much and when i have been getting out i haven't been seeing ANYTHING !
I have been looking to getting my new camera the Canon 5D mark ii and also the arrival of spring ! I am highly anticipating the arrival of spring warblers and warm weather !
I am also looking into getting my self a pair of Frog Togg waders so i can get in the water/bog/mud to get the shots i want !

I went out birding a few times to look for waxwings and have a look at what ever flown in to QV lake but so far i haven't came up with hardly anything.. Besides a few gulls and some starlings it has been a few dull couple of months...

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Great Bald Eagle

Over the last 2 years i have had many encounters with bald eagles.
Often times my camera would not focus on eagles when they come close, any photographer can relate when i say this is a BIG piss off !
They are huge birds of prey that are not beyond scavenging as was the case earlier this weeks when one dropped by QV lake for  lunch on a dead duck !

Every time i see one of these huge birds i stop looking at what ever bird i was looking at even if this Bird is rare and stare in awe in the sheer size and power of these birds !
As was the case earlier this week when i seen a jvi lesser black-backed gull on QV lake !
I'm hoping to get out now tomorrow or Sunday for some shots of the wintering birds around town !
Wish me Luck

This is probably my favourite shot i got of an eagle in 2011: