Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dovekies In Holyrood

After an unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago to photograph a dovekie, I seen a post on NF.birds talking about hundreds of dovekies blown into Conception Bay and that there was many dead and many more blown inland. In that split seccond i had decided that no matter what it takes i WILL be going to holyrood in the morning.

I knew that by the time i got there most will be gone back out of the bay now that the winds have subsided but i had to go because i knew that for sure a few had to be still hanging around !
The only thing i had not realised was that my dad was going out of town so i had a ride a ride there but no ride back !! So just like any Photographer/Birder would do..I went !

I'm glad i did because i found one individual in a small river outflow. You can read about how small these guys are or even see them from a far but in order to truly take in their small plump size you need to be close.

This will be my last post on the blog as i have decided to team up with fellow birder/photographer Brad James to create....Drum Roll Please.... Newfoundland Nature Projects ! On this new an improved blog you will be able to see what i am up to and also my conservation work.
We will be posting much much more often then i have been on this blog and also we hope to turn it into an informative blog that you can use as a resourse for birding and photography !

I hope you will follow me over to the new blog--------->

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 Year Highlights and 2013 Goals !

Well, I know this blog post is well over due (no excuses) however as i write this i am suffering from an ear infection and probably the worst flu to date. AND what a horrible time to be feeling like dirt ! Each and every day NF.Birds is filled with posts of great birds ! Winter warblers, thrushes, and Ducks ! So Everyone consider yourselves lucky !!
As anyone could of guessed my biggest highlight of 2012 was going to the arctic ! Not only did i see birds, mammals, ice, snow and rock i also visited Greenland and can say i seen the Greenland ice cap ! 

Another thing that i would consider an highlight would be i feel like in 2012 i have increased my photography skills. I'm not bragging, i have come to this conclusion because i have looked over my pictures on flickr over and over and over again and i have noticed that the quality in the pictures is better. Also i use a different photo editor but I'm not looking at colour or that stuff I'm looking at angle, eye contact, presentation, am i getting a message across, etc

One more highlight that i have been working on and will be working on in 2013 is a local store in town has agreed to start selling my pictures, in the new year which is a great start I think as far as the photography business goes. Also it is motivation to do better and raise my bar as far as picture quality goes.

For 2013 my goals are:

Go to the antarctic (A work In Progress)
Get a job with parks Canada for the summer (looks good !!!)
Visit cape freels at peak shorebird season
Visit the puffins in bonavista
Get some better shots of horned larks
Photograph at least 1 Owl
See more then 10 species of warbler in breeding plumage
I could go on and on but i dont want to get my hopes up haha One Final goal would be to keep updating the blog more often and get more people to comment !!!!!!! Happy New Year !