Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Yellow Crowned Nigh Heron At QV Lake !?

When i got up this morning and seen Bruce's post about a possible night heron i wasn't long going out the door.My plan was to walk the shore line and see if i could see the heron on a tree or rock.Little did i know someone had posted the exact location of heron so people wouldn't have to do what i did.....
After a wet 1 and half hours of walking the shore line soaked from head to toe i herd people talking.I decided to go and see if maby that was other birders looking for it too.It was actually a group of  DRY birders taking pictures of the heron.

Even though i didn't find the night heron my self i did find a sparrow feeding a young warbler.

I hope when the next rarity rolls around I'm a little more lucky....

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