Thursday, 18 August 2011


Every bird watcher has a set of binos.They are a vital piece of birding equipment.When your camera doesn't have enough zoom for a bird at long distance you can always use your binos.You can also use them on closer subjects for a much closer look at the bird.From what Ive herd you usually get what you pay for with binos and if your willing to pay the price then you will have binos that will last you a life time.
Now that I'm getting more and more into birding i realize how much i need binos.I know when rarity's start showing up most times your not going to get very close so binos will come in handy,When I'm on the southern shore scanning the sod farm for euro strays I'm going to need a set.Also when all the gulls start gathering on QV lake i know my 300mm F4 isn't going to give me the looks i want.

Long story short I'm on the look out for a good set of binos.I plan on checking the bird house down town,NFLD camera,and Henry's.
Ive also been reading allot about binos and what to look for in a good pair.

Its hard starting out at birdwatching at 15 years old because when you go to see a rarity or something that draws other birders you notice that they have: Large cameras,spotting scopes,binos,tripods.Then you see all this stuff and you think you HAVE to have the gear to look the part.But what you have to realize is that they dident get all the top of the line gear in one season and that they probably have been birding longer then Ive been alive.


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