Monday, 24 October 2011

Fall Birding So Far

So far i haven't birded at all this fall. High school has hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm buried in home work ! From E=MC^2 to C2o and everything in between.NF.birds has been booming with sightings and only makes me want to get out more !
I have been checking Nevile's pond but not much action there besides about 10 wigeon,7 scaup and many American blacks and mallards.I thought a few days back i seen a blue wing teal there but couldn't confirm.
If an when i do get out i hope to enjoy and try my best to find some cool birds.I haven't seen any buntings,vireos,chats or anything like that so almost anything along the lines of that would be a real treat !
I'm sure anyone reading this blog from the Avalon knows how nice of a spring we have been having ! Great weather and great birds.....just not for me lol

Some more positive news is that Newfoundland Power has agreed to place 2 utility poles for me to put osprey nesting platforms on !
Anyone who knows a good place that is in need of a pole just e-mail me and ill try my best to get one set up !

Here are a few pictures i got at the pond last weekend

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not a Succes but not bad.

I have been keeping a close eye on Nevile's pond after i found a male hooded merganser and failed to get a shot of him.
There have been a juvenile female common goldeneye and some wigeon hanging around there as well.

This male is not in full plumage but i still love the colours he has been showing off.The female goldeneye was not as tame but i did get some record shots.

I plan on placing a nest box here next spring because you never know when a cavity Nester could be around.
I am hoping to get out Saturday at some birds and hopefully get some nice shots to put up here on the blog.

Today i didn't get any real good shots because the wind was almost knocking me off my feet.It got o the point where the wind was so hard i had to wait to look through my binos because the wind would move me so much i couldn't stay still !

I like this shot because you get to take in all the patterns and shades of the male Eurasian wigeon !

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Gulls of 2011

I always disliked gulls because they are so numerous and widespread and there reputation as a nuisance.It has only been this year that i have taken a keen interest in them.I think what got me going on gulls was the amazing photos Dave brown has of even the most common gulls.
I have been reading my field guides and doing a little bit of research on some of the gulls i have seen and some of the gulls i hope to see before the year is out.
I have also been checking a on a website that talks about gulls banded on cape sable island and there migration patterns.Its interesting to see how far some of them have gone and i think it would be cool if one was spotted at quidi vidy lake this winter !
I myself have been trying to get some close ups with some common gulls and so far i think I'm doing good.

          So far i have seen :
  • Laughing gull
  • Black-headed gull
  • Mew gull
  • Ring-billed gull
  • Herring gull
  • Great black-backed gull
  • Glaucous gull
Before 2011 is out I'm hoping to see:
  • Franklin's gull
  • Little gull
  • Bonaparte's gull
  • Yellow-legged gull
  • Lesser black-backed
  • Iceland gull
  • Thayers gull
  • Ivory gull
  • Sabine's gull
    I know some of them I'm going to have to be pretty lucky to see an others i expect to see.
    Its always good to have a wish list !

In my next post i may talk about a male hooded merganser i recently found or some song birds i plan on hunting down soon !