Friday, 22 July 2011

Summer birding- 2011

So far summer birding has been ok.Not a whole lot of varitiy because ive mostly olny been going to karwood cabins to look for birds.Ive seen i belive 71-75 species so far this year.Im hoping to see 100-150 species.
I discoverd a place in upper gullies called lance cove.It is a beach with a pond behind it.Ive seen many spotted sandpipers and greater yellowlegs and also 2 types of sparrows the swamp and the savannah.

Ive been seeing alot of action on NF.birds about reneus for sandpipers.Ive been dieing to get a chance and go up and see what i can find.Tomorow is supposed to be nice so im hoping to head up for a look.Its very diffrent going birding with somenone whos NOT a birder (my dad) and who has slang names on all the birds (my dad)

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