Sunday, 21 August 2011

Spaniards Bay Shorebirds-continued and more

My dad and i checked out Spaniards bay this morning for shorebirds.We were pleased with the nice weather and nice birds.We seen ruddy turnstones,white-rumped sandpipers,black bellied plovers,greater yellowlegs,many osprey,terns and gulls.

I haven't been home much today because Ive been birding for rarity's.Its a little early but they will pick up over the next couple of weeks.I'm hoping to hitch a ride with someone from the local birding community to the southern shore for some more looks at the sod farm and surrounding areas.I'm now at 101 birds for 2011 and im eager to reach the 150 mark and possibly get a few extras.

The only thing i dont like about fall birding is that along with fall birding there will be school.....But im looking on the bright side, i olny have 3 years left !!
Enjoy the nice days we get.Fall is fast aproaching

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