Friday, 26 August 2011

Birding the Goulds

This afternoon i went to see if i could see some sandpipers that another local birder was seeing at 2nd pond.I didn't see the target species i was after but did see a total of 17 snipe that i flushed also 2 belted king fishers and i also herd many nuthatch.

I also stopped by forest pond to see if the solitary sandpiper was still there, but it wasn't.I did how ever see two other local birders looking for the same bird.After having a little chat about shorebirds one of the birders mentioned that she had seen a very different bird at fourth pond about 15 minutes before.I rushed over there to see if i could see what she had seen.When i arrived there another local birder was there and had not seen anything i took a quick scan and then left.Turns out it was a Juvi RUFF ! i will be back tomorrow morning to see if i can see the RUFF !

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