Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boreal owl & Northen saw whet owl nest boxes !

I spent my day building some nest boxes for a women in the goulds area.  I tryed a diffrent design then usual came out great Check them out !

Just knowing i might be able to help out a boreal owl or a saw whet is a great feeling ! i cant wait to see if the nest boxes get any action ! it is deffintaly getting REALY late for setting out nest boxes so you better hurry !

Im hoping to go check and see if there is any action at some nest boxes i have around town soon...Stay tunned !

With a little work with a blow torch you can realy set the wood off and i like it because it makes it look older and just adds character.

If you would like some nest boxes for any species you can comment on this page or e-mail me !

Friday, 29 April 2011

Action but not for me.

I seen the snipe i had been after today...But failed in getting some pictures.
I went to 3rd pond with high hopes of getting some snaps of the wood ducks but again FAILED...
AND to top it off i never got a chance to go to QV lake for some pictures of the rudy duck..

Tomorow i will be making some owl nest boxes for a lady in the goulds. I will post some pictures !

Hopefully most people are doing better then me.

Happy Birding !

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Northern Shoveler.

After not having a successfull incounter with my local snipe i came in and checked the NL bird lovers discussion board. There a fellow birder had posted they had seen 3 northern shovelers at a little side pond of mundy pond. By this point it was raining,hailing,snowing and foggy. By no means a good day for birding. But dispite that i headed to the pond with high hopes !

my photos dont do the birds justice because of conditions and the distance they were from me.. I tryed haha

Theses birds were by no means tame. I had to creap up on them and even then they would swimm very fast to the other side.  But they were deffintaly intresting none the less
I am not very good with gulls but i do belive that this is a juvenile glaucous gull

Day 1 of the snipe hunt.

Im just in the door after looking and listening for that snipe i herd last night. I know he has taken up residence at the wetland. After walking around the wetland twice i olny seen some starlings, americian robins and some plants coming back to life. I will post pictures of this hard to get species ! untell then...Happy Birding!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Common Snipe.

You know spring is in the air when you here the eary lonsome corting call of a male common snipe.What i find amazing is that it is made from the bird going into a dive and the air passing through its tail feathers makes the strange sound. I just got home from a walk around the block, which is right next to a wetland and i herd the call. The picture below is from last year. I will hopefully get a recent image of the snipe....and who knows it could be a jack snipe haha            STAY TUNNED

Internet image

St. Brendans

May 24th weekend i will be going to my mother and fathers home town. St.Brendans island is a little island in bonavista bay. You must take the ferry accros from burnside on the east port peninsuala. The BRAN NEW state of the art ferry ride which is about 45 mins-1 hour. On the island you will notice how nice and VERY welcoming the locals are.Paddy Kelly my uncle is the man to look for, He quite offten takes random people who come to the island out in boat to see..Whales,Eagles, a sea gull and shore birds nesting coliney and just the sceenary is amazing.( Say Brendan Sent you) On the island people see very strange birds and most people dont know what they are.

The reason i am going there becides family is because i have been told there is a small eider coliney starting up on a small island not far from st.brendans. So i am gearing up and going on a little aventure with any luck i will find the breeding grounds and will be able to relay my pictures and info to Ducks Unlimited Canada, They are intrested in doing a project with the eiders !

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Camera Lenses

I have seen alot of HUGE camera lenses. Which im SURE were quite expencive $$$$$$$$$$$ I am looking into getting a camera lense for my camera that does have a good zoom but that is not going to break the bank. Any suggestions would be greatley apreciated.

Right now i have a Canon Rebal t1i. I have the stock lense as shown in the picture below

My Own Little Hunny Hole.

                                      I would think that every birder has there favourite spot. Well mine is a little wetland accross the street where i live in paradise. I get many diffrent species such as, mallards,blacks,green wing teal,pintale,wood duck, both species of weigon,snipe,killdeer,tree swallows,chick-a-dees,blue jays,crows and a few years back i even had a heron.

The wetland is in the final stages of being a wetland. I know in a few years it will be a field, every year it gets lower and lower but yet the birds still keep on comming.So im working hard with my local goverment to inhance the wetland and maby put a walking trail around it so more people can come and in joy it,
This is the picture that i am hoping with hard work and some local intrest i can transform the dieing wetland into a birding mecca and a wonderland for waterfowl.
I have a hen house set up for the ducks, and man do they love it !

Monday, 25 April 2011

A nice spring day at long pond st.johns

I spent my day walking around and observing the birds at long pond. I seen black caped chick-a-dees, boreal chick-a-dees,red breasted nut hatch,belted kind fisher, and....a GREAT EGRET!!
This little guy came out under my feet and kept eating the seeds
At the little pond over infront of the autisum building (at the end of long pond) I herd this guys calling to his mate and catching fish !
I had been told that the egret had left long pond..But to my suprise there he was walking around the cat tail beds and lazing around eating fish ( with about 10 birders flowing in his tracks)
This was my first ever incounter with any egret

I hope the cold nights dont do the job on this very intresting bird !

Birding Tours

I would be VERY intrested in going on a birding tour or trip. I still dont know anyone who is a NL birder, but i hope to do so.  Also i am very opened to tips with birding and photography ! Help me any way you can please !

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nest Box Update

I have 2 nest boxes up in the northen pond aera both had boreal owl feathers in them last year, hoping for some action this spring ! Stay tunned in !

I have 2 nest boxes on clovalley golf proprety ponds. Both are in great locations waiting for summer to check them.

I have a nest box up at long lond in st. johns along with a hen houses.

I have a nest box set up on dark hole river (just before clarenville)

I have 2 nest boxes at two ponds side by side on burnside road (on the east port aera)

I have 1 nest box on st.brendans island.

All of the nest boxes i have up are in active locations for owls, halks and or ducks.

Photos of some of my conservation work !

Photos of 2010-2011

Here are some photos that i have taken the last few years.
I am NEW to the birding world and dont know many people in this field, i am hoping that people who see this will keep me in mind when they discover a rare bird or if there is an event up coming