Monday, 15 August 2011

Sheerwaters Gone In A Flash !

After the amazing show the sheerwaters put on yesterday i decided to head back today for more shots.To my surprise they were gone ! There was not 1 sheerwater in outer cove this morning and only a few off in the distance !
My father and his father were both born and raised in an out port community. My father told me he has never seen sheerwaters or bocks and noddy's as they call them, in the numbers i seen yesterday.
It is also strange that the caplin are still here ?
You never know what your going to see in newfoundland !

Just a reminder that i post my best photos on flickr so make sure to check it out.

My next few posts will hopefully be on shore birds.I haven't seen many species so almost every one i see will be a first for me.

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