Sunday, 22 April 2012

Last Part Of The Series

I'm not going to blab on and on with this post but i wanted to share a couple more shots from the cape that i thought were pretty cool !

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cape St.Marys Part Two

Cape St.Marys for me was possibily one of the most amazing things Ive seen sense Ive started birding ! There was never a dull moment, between eagles,gannets,murres,larks,kitty wakes and even a northern harrier ! I'm not sure where to start...Well ill start at the main attraction. Gannets.

I was astonished at how close you were to the gannets, when you were standing on the edge they were literally flying 2-3 feet from your face.You never will be able to see the beauty in these birds until your this close to them !

You would think that a bird with a wing span of almost 4-5 feet would be some what clumsy but they are truly graceful and ride the wind with ease !

There were many species of bird at the cape but for right now I'm going to talk about my two favourites, Next the Horned Lark !

I was hoping to see the horned lark at the cape because one of my field guides said it was one of the best location's in NL to see one. But i didn't get my hopes up to much because i knew they can be hard to locate. As soon as we arrived at the cape we played a lark call we had on brads itouch and with in seconds we had larks right in front of us !

At one point we had up to five horned larks in front of us ! Some were doing aerial combat over territory ! But it was NOT easy to get close to these birds ! They were very well at keeping their distance and even when we army crawled very slowly towards them with the call playing they were weary of our presence. There was a few times when one would let us get pretty close and that's where i got these shots !

One more post about the cape to come ! Hopefully you don't get bored by it !
Feel free to comment and let me know what i can improve....Yes i know my spelling but anything else ? COMMENT

Monday, 16 April 2012

The Astonishing Cape St.Marys

Astonishing is not the word to describe the amount of birds and activity at Cape St.Marys !
Well i think its fair to say that i witnessed the one day of the year that the majority of the breeding birds arrive on the breeding grounds ! AMAZING

When me and fellow photographer Brad James and i arrived at the cape there was approximately 3-4000 gannets and many thousand kitty wakes already on the breeding cliffs.
There was thousands and thousands of murres in the water but not one on the cliffs.

I made this picture this size so that you could try and take in the number of murres that i seen !
Later in the day the murres  took flight almost all at the same time and began to swarm the nesting cliffs !

By 3:00 most of the murres were on the cliffs searching for nest sites !

Theres A LOT more to come about the cape and its residents in my next post.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Spring Bird Feeding

Who said you have to go far into the wilderness to get great shots ? This morning when i woke up i was greeted by some of the birds that come to backyard to feed or nest.

Usually robins are quite skittish and fly when you come with in 30 feet of them but this morning this robin was very approachable and gave me quite the unique pose !

Over the last 2 weeks European Starlings have been fighting over one of my bird houses.They display a lot of aggression for each other ! They also have been devouring my suet !

Tomorrow evening i will have the beginning of my 2 part post about Cape St.Marys !
Going to be an early rise tomorrow !

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Whats New ?

I haven't posted a picture if myself in quite a while, so here's a photo of me last weekend when i was out with a new photographer i met.He had a pretty sweet truck !!!

Sunday i am heading to Cape St.Marys so i will have a post about that soon !
Lots of pictures !

Monday, 2 April 2012

Back to Birding !

Just as i promised i got out birding today ! It was a gorgeous day ! The birds were singing and the sun was out shining ! It actually felt like spring !
As soon as i arrived at mundy pond i herd my first Song sparrow of the year singing at the top of a tree !

I was surprised to see a large flock of green wing and common teal in the little side pond, they were very skittish and did not want their photo taken so all i got was this in flight shot.

When i took this shot i was thinking i would only use it for a reccord shot but i love the green in the wings ! After a good start at mundy pond i headed to QV lake where there was nothing....
The gulls that were hanging out by where the river flows out all winter now are flying all around the lake and the ducks are swimming freely now that the ice has melted i guess i have to wait until next winter for the action to pick up again !

I arrived at what i believe is Pier 17 (The Bubble) I was surprised to see the gate open to the area that is usually closed off, nevertheless i headed in !The gulls were very actively feeding and flying all around.My main reason for going there was to get some more shots of the Black Headed Gulls that are looking very sharp with their bold black heads !

I am blocked with work over the weekend and next week so i doubt i will be getting out, but if i do the blog will be surely updated :)

Enjoy spring, Newfoundland might have more winter to come !

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Resident Robin Again

I'm sure people are getting bored with me blabbing on about this every day robin that's now living in my backyard..
Well their is not much on the go birding wise so you going to have to settle for this :)
Over the last 3 weeks this robin has been literally living in my back yard.It does not leave.I have been keeping him or her fat with dog berries, blueberry's,oranges and even apples !
I have been keeping a close eye on him or her and Ive noticed he or she really does not stop eating.
The longest Ive seen him or her stop is for about 20 Min's then its back to filling up ! Soon i would guess he or she will realise that the food is always going to be there and that they can slow down with the eating ! Never the less its action at my bird feeders and I'm always joyed to look out my window and see him or her there eating away !

I also have 1 dark eyes junco that also "lives" in my yard. I'm not talking about staying there during the day for a few minutes here and there i mean 24/7 these birds are living in my yard !
This dark eyed junco is a different colouration then others that come to my yard she shows much more brown ? Ive read that DEJ can have a lot of variation in colour but one sub species called the oragan sub species seems to be the closest

Photo from here -
I promise that my next post WILL be about something then my backyard birds !
There is a snowy owl in town so i might try and have a peep at him !

Happy birding !