Monday, 29 August 2011

Second Pond-Continued

I had a great evening at second pond the other evening with many shorebirds to be seen.The photos i got were not the best and mostly blurry.I'm hoping to go back there very soon and see if i can see some warblers !

Just yesterday around 12:30 a friend and i headed to long pond to see what we could see.He told me hes been here before and theres nothing...Lets just say i proved him wrong.While going after a group of nuthatch i seen something a little smaller shoot on to the side of a tree.It never stoped moving and could go up and down trees just like a nuthatch but it had a longer tail and seemed darker so i got some shots of what this mystery bird was and to my surprise it was a brown creeper !

Seeing the brown creeper was an unexpected treat.On the was out i seen some birds high in the trees fluttering around.I took a picture of them and was supprised i dident know what the bird was ? It was a very diffrent bird and had a very bold black patch covering both eyes.I looked at my new field guide i had on me and it turns out it was a juvi ceder waxwing ! In the picture below you can see it trying snach a spider from its web !

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