Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Field Guides-

Every Birder knows that a good field guide is a must have.When looking for a field guide you want to look for many different pictures or drawings of the bird.You want it to tell you what the bird is going to look like in each season and you want it to be reliable.I have many bird books but no reliable field guides.

Yesterday i went and got another book.This time it was a field guide.I looked at the Sibley field guide but i know allot of people have that one and its pictures are a little dull for me.After all this is "A Fresh Take On Birding" I decided to go with the national geographic new and revised edition of "Field Guide To The Birds Of  Eastern North America" It has many pictures of each bird and tells you each morph,year,and sub species along with a range map and a few words on the behaviour.
Now when I'm out looking for birds i wont be with out my field guide and SOON a new set of binos !

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