Sunday, 25 September 2011


I'm working on a future post about gulls.I going to talk about my new intrest in them and what species i have seen thus far.Also i will talk about what gulls i would like to see before the year comes to an end.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cold Nights And Cool Mornings

Its that time of year again when the leaves beggin to change and frost apears on the windshield of your car in the morning.Not much longer and you will see the leaves changing.I haven't been doing ANY birding in a while now because Ive been wrapped up in school.I also noticed its getting darker eariler in the day and its always cold in the mornings while waiting for the school bus.
I am hoping to get to bear cove before all the warblers migrate.I am always reading posts of large numbers of warblers there and many rare species.I haven't experienced much warbler action let alone a rare species so seeing bear cove in its prime would be a treat !
I noticed a decrease in people checking up on shorebirds so I'm assuming that in the near future were going to have a rarity.Shorebirds are always great for photos but they usually offer great looks and they never get boring !

The blog may be pretty dull the next couple of weeks unless i get out to bear cove or do some shore birding.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vortex Crossfire 8x42

The other day i went out and Finlay got my new binos.They are waterproof & fog proof which is something you must have when birding.They also come with Vortex`s VIP warranty which means if i drop them and break them or scratch them or anything Vortex will replace them no questions asked.You can not beat that.
Now I'm off to second pond to see if  i can find the pectoral sandpiper that was spotted there and also 2 blue wing teal ! If i find them that's 2 more birds for the year last ! Stay tuned !


Sunday, 11 September 2011


School is now in full swing and Ive already had homework.To say the least I'm dreading going back because everyday someone is posting about all the shore birds or a rare warbler and i know i have to wait until the weekend to even get a chance at seeing it.This weekend i was working 15 hour days out to garnish on the burin peninsula with my dad.One morning i found a lesser yellowlegs on the shore line along with about 200 other little peeps and sandpipers ! It is nice knowing i now have enough money for my new binos but also knowing i have to wait another week to get to use them the way i want is horrible.Anyways enough about my complaints and now the good news.
I'm planing on heading to somewhere like cape freels or somewhere with very good shorebird action next weekend and see if i can get some good shots and add a few birds to my list.

You can now feel the crisp fall air in the morning and at night reminding you fall is not far away.I hope the storms brewing down south brings with it some rare birds.

The blog may be a little slow for the next little while with school,work,birding and who knows what Else I'm not going to be updating everyday.

In my next post i will rant on about my new binos and some of my fall birding expectations

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Labour Day Weekend

Labour day weekend i headed to St.Brendan's Island. Anyone who reads my blog knows how i feel about st.Brendan's and its people.
We left town around 2:00 on Friday and headed to Burnside to catch the 5:15 ferry ride.The sun was shining and it was very warm sitting outside on the deck catching up with old friends and enjoying the view.We arrived at St.Brendan's at 6:15 and were greeted with family and friends as we unloaded the boat.
As we drove down the road i looked up at the ospreys nest and watched the young flap there wings and try to fly, while the mother osprey sat in a close tree observing them.Every 10-20 minutes one would take a leap and glide around the nest.It was a very cool sight.

That evening we had a BBQ and went visiting family.The sun set was amazing and my picture doesn't do it justice

The next day i searched every beach on the island looking for shorebirds.The only species i could find was semipalmated plovers.The did come in very different shades and plumages.

I did find 1 least sandpiper alone feeding around a bed of kelp.
That brings me to bird 104 or 105 !

Another thing i enjoyed was how many osprey were always fishing where ever i was ! Every time i would look up i would notice that there was one fishing ! I also noticed that they almost always will get flat fish over any other fish.I guess its easier to grip to.

Im hoping to have my binos in a few weeks time and school starts in a few days.....good bye summer birding

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My first...kind of rare bird

Yesterday i checked many little ponds and gully's looking for warblers and shorebirds.At second pond i seen many snipe, a fall blackpoll warbler,a king fisher and a grey checked thrush !
I then checked a few other ponds but tured up nothing.Then while on the drive home i seen a flock of plovers fly over ruby line.My dad and i followed them to a litlle muddy patch of grass next to a house.

The area where they landed could be good place to check if it was a little more wet.I'm talking to a land owner in the Gould's to put a small pond on his proprety about the size of ruby line pond just for shore birds.I think if something like this did happen it could offer some great shorebird finds !

They only stayed for about 5 minutes but it was cool to say i followed plovers to a new birding location !

After all this i thought it was a pretty rewarding day ! Then my dad suggested a little pond he knew about just before mount pearl by the Robert E Memorial highway.When we got there i seen the government had put a duck trap in the middle of the little pond to catch ducks for banding ! There were lots of ducks there.Then a little spotted sandpiper flew to the other side of the pond.I thought its only a spotted sandpiper so not really worth taking a picture of.Good thing i did because when i got home and looked at my pictures it turns out it was a solitary sandpiper !!