Monday, 15 August 2011

My Year So Far-2011

So far in 2011 i have seen 96 species of birds.I'm working on getting my 2011 bird list up on my blog.
Considering this is my fist year of "birding" i think I'm not doing half bad at 96 species and i still have 4 and a half months to collect  another 56 species. My goal this year is 150.I think its a reasonable number even though i haven't been out much because my mom has more things to do with 4 children then drive me around looking for "the shot" lol.
In the last couple of months Ive come into the birding community and now know most people on the Avalon.I'm very great full for the information everyone has shared with me and how encouraging everyone has been.
Now that fall birding is on the horizon i cant wait for the warbler and shorebird migration.Then we have the quidi vidi lake action over the winter and the rarity's
Lots to see and add to my list ! Hopefully very soon i will have some shots of  ruddy turnestones,black bellied plovers,semiplamalated plovers,willets and who knows what Else !

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