Thursday, 30 June 2011

Da Caplin Are Rollin

 The weather lately has been caplin weather and sure enough they are here.
The last week or so the caplin have started rolling everywhere first hollyrood and then middle cove and now today chamberlains and topsail beach !
Its amazing to think how many animals caplin feed.The whales,crows,eagles,sea gulls,terns,osprey,shore birds,mures,puffins etc etc !
My mom and dad say when they were younger people would get enough caplin to put over there garden and enough to feed the family for months.Now that's allot of caplin.My parents also tell me there were WAY more caplin back in the day.Due to sain nets and bigger boats and quotas the population has taken a big hit.

The weather is beginning to get better AND ITS ABOUT TIME !   I'm still waiting on my lens to get shipped in.Ive been looking through peoples flickr photos and blogs and it just makes me want to get out there even more and take some photos! I'm hoping to get my lens in time to go to cape st.Marys and maby witless bay

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