Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Most Favourite Place on Planet Earth

St.Brendan's Island Is my most favourite place on earth.The animals the ocean the people and just the feeling you get when your there you just cant beat.It has a rugged coast line but a rich bounty of fish and crustaceans attract seabirds and shore birds.The local people were raised off the land and sea and now make there days pay from the ocean.
I stayed at my nans with her and my uncle.Each morning we would wake up 4:00 and check all the lobster pots and nets.Along the way i seen bald eagles that my uncle feeds daily.They come with in 15 feet of us.My uncle and his fishing buddy don't take much attention to them but I'm completely in awe.Between the diving gannets the high hills and the roar of the sea gull and tern nesting colony in the back ground it is a picture perfect setting
We check all 160 pots and before i know it, its 1:30
Time flys when your in such and pristine place with nature unfolding all around you.

The one of the eagle was using an 18-55mm lens so you can see how close it was, (NOT CROPPED)

HERE IS A LINK TO A MAP OF ST.BRENDAN'S----->,-53.482132&spn=0.254654,1.095886&t=h&z=11

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