Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just another day...NOT

I took a quick trip to Nevile's pond today.I was on the hunt for a picture of a yellow warbler.After about 30 minutes of following the call of one i FINALY got a glimpse of a bright male !  I was rushing to get my camera on and before i got it focused it had went back into thick cover.I turned my camera off,disappointed i went over to take a look at the swallows.The i herd the sound again, and there she was..... a female about 4 feet from me.I AGAIN never got a photo because of my slow focus.
I went and got a few pictures of the swallows and then i trted again but with no luck.
I also had a VERY close incounter with an osprey ! I seen if from a far but it slowley moved closer and closer untell it was right over my head ! It then plundged into the water about 20 feet from me and made a 6 foot splash ! Alltho it dident get a fish and then moved on i was pleased !

Just A Few Other Things..
I had swallows move into a nest box in my backyard today !
I am hoping to build and place next winter an osprey nesting platform in neviles pond !
If you are intrested in getting involed and helping out please e-mail me.

Also this will be the last post i have with photos untell late july.Thats when i will have my new lense.

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