Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A little spice to the dull days..

I  slept over to a friend of mines house by long pond yesterday.Hes not a morning person so i headed out by myself to see what i could see down by long pond.I walked the side with all the trees first never seen hardly anything.I also walked the other side, i seen many warblers,sparrows,and herd some different calls.I got to meet a fellow birder ! Lets just say she knew her stuff.I walked back around with her and we herd/seen a brown creeper ! and i think a thrush.We continued walking to Kenny's pond and got to see the osprey.we were almost done the walk when she herd a different high pitched call it was a Merlin ! we followed the sound.........There was a goshawk chasing the Merlin ! It was an odd sight to say the least !

I was very pleased with the findings and headed back to my friends house.Along the way i stoped to check t a nest box i had set up.There were no droppings or sign of bird activity so i opened the top for a look and out shoots a chickadee off the head ! I took a quick look in and seen 1 hatched egg and 5 still not hatched ! I hope i didn't disturb her to much and she returns  to the nest !

I'm heading now to Nevile's pond to check out whats up there !
Stay Tuned !

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