Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tree swallow update and other things

The tree swallows in my back yard that are using a nest box have Finally been active over the last few days.They have been building the nest now for about 2 and a half weeks ! I'm beginning to thing the nest box is a black hole ! This evening an intruder swallow came and landed on the nest box.With out warning the resident pair went crazy ! The female shot into the nest while the male chased the intruder away but with in 5 minutes he was back ! The female was in the nest box when he landed in the entrance hole and she lunged out and grabbed him by his wing and held him there for about 3 minutes while the male viciously attacked and plucked out feathers ! Lest just say i don't think he will be back

I made another payment on my lens today and i am one step closer to getting it.I was at nfld camera for about an hour talking to one of the employees about cameras and what not.I defiantly learned allot.I hope to soon absorb some more info from local birders about birding ! The weather still hasn't improved..i would love to know where summer is ! This whole week is supposed to be overcast.Got to love Newfoundland !

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