Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Canada Day !

Today i headed out to middle cove again for some more caplin but this time for my nan.Unfortunately they were not rolling.
I did however not come out empty handed.I found the ospreys nest ! I'm not sure if they have young yet because the female was sitting on the nest.

I headed out to seal cove to see of they were rolling there.The tempature difference in the two locations is huge.It was freezing out in middle cove but very warm in seal cove
When i arrived at seal cove well lance cove to be exact there was a pond next to the beach with many sand pipers there ! Spotted sand pipers seamed to be the majority but there was however 2 or 3 greater yellow legs ! They wernt very tame all the same.
I also had a female yellow warbler come with in 2 feet of me while getting in my dads truck ! ofcoarce i didn't have my lens

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