Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Rough Times..

As Ive posted before I'm saving up for a new lens.Its taking me FOREVER !!
I have been studying for exams,passing out resumes and trying to save every last cent.I am defiantly getting to know the term "if you want something you have to work for it" When i get this lens the next thing i will be getting will be a good case because there is no way i can afford to break or scratch it.
Aways enough about my struggles and back to birding !

I have been seeing 1 male yellow warbler in the same place now for over a week. I'm assuming it is his territory.I'm seeing more and more duckings and the starlings are almost done raising young.The swallows have started incubation and shouldn't be to long now before the young hatch.The whole colony must be back by now because there are ALOT of them.They do interesting things like fighting until they hit the water, or the whole colony gets into one big cluster and plays around ! Seeing all this just makes me want my lens more and more...

Here's a photo i found in my files from a few Weeks ago enjoy !

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