Friday, 17 June 2011

June 17, 2011

The swallows that started building a nest in my nest box in my back yard have started incubation now i think.They were courting today so I'm guessing if they haven't started they will be very soon.
As i posted earlier i will be getting my lens soon and when i do I'm hoping to go birding to other places.I usually olny  go birding by my house or Nevile's pond and every now and then i go birding at long pond.
I hoping that i will be able to meet some more people and can maybe car pool with them when they go birding some time ! I have never been to cape st.Marys and i herd its a place i must see so I'm hoping to go and see it sometime
The weather hasn't been fit to go out side the last few days i hope "summer" gets here soon !

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