Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boreal owl & Northen saw whet owl nest boxes !

I spent my day building some nest boxes for a women in the goulds area.  I tryed a diffrent design then usual came out great Check them out !

Just knowing i might be able to help out a boreal owl or a saw whet is a great feeling ! i cant wait to see if the nest boxes get any action ! it is deffintaly getting REALY late for setting out nest boxes so you better hurry !

Im hoping to go check and see if there is any action at some nest boxes i have around town soon...Stay tunned !

With a little work with a blow torch you can realy set the wood off and i like it because it makes it look older and just adds character.

If you would like some nest boxes for any species you can comment on this page or e-mail me !


  1. Unfortunately unless you are located in Newfoundland i am unable to help you. Best of luck!