Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Beginning.

A little about me:  I am 14, i live in paradise and i am an avid bird watcher,beginner photographer and active conservationist. I have been to Manitoba with Ducks Unlimited Canada twice to learn about wetlands and waterfowl. I am the conservation administrator for Newfoundland Waterfowls ( I set up hen houses and golden eye nest boxes all over NL

According to Delta Waterfowl i am the only person in NL to document American black ducks being interested in hen houses and actually go in them. ( I WILL POST IF THEY GET USED !)
I also set up golden eye nest boxes, this is my second year doing so. last year i set up only 2 but did have boreal owls hanging out in them.This year i set out 7 more.( I WILL POST IF THEY GET USED)


  1. Great blog ! Incidently, took a run to Neville's Pond to photograph the swallows today but trip aborted due to rain. Noted that access to the pond is limited due to houses surrounding the pond . How does one get to the swallows and other birds ? You can email me at

    John alias tomcod on Flickr !

  2. Great Job Brendan , If your not already on my Newfoundland birdwatching group on facebook then you should check it out.we would love to have you. I actually stumbled on this page doing research on hen houses. We just opened a chapter of Delta waterfowl here on the southwest coast and planning on putting out some hen houses this week. I would love to talk to you about your experience so far.