Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Northern Shoveler.

After not having a successfull incounter with my local snipe i came in and checked the NL bird lovers discussion board. There a fellow birder had posted they had seen 3 northern shovelers at a little side pond of mundy pond. By this point it was raining,hailing,snowing and foggy. By no means a good day for birding. But dispite that i headed to the pond with high hopes !

my photos dont do the birds justice because of conditions and the distance they were from me.. I tryed haha

Theses birds were by no means tame. I had to creap up on them and even then they would swimm very fast to the other side.  But they were deffintaly intresting none the less
I am not very good with gulls but i do belive that this is a juvenile glaucous gull

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