Monday, 25 April 2011

A nice spring day at long pond st.johns

I spent my day walking around and observing the birds at long pond. I seen black caped chick-a-dees, boreal chick-a-dees,red breasted nut hatch,belted kind fisher, and....a GREAT EGRET!!
This little guy came out under my feet and kept eating the seeds
At the little pond over infront of the autisum building (at the end of long pond) I herd this guys calling to his mate and catching fish !
I had been told that the egret had left long pond..But to my suprise there he was walking around the cat tail beds and lazing around eating fish ( with about 10 birders flowing in his tracks)
This was my first ever incounter with any egret

I hope the cold nights dont do the job on this very intresting bird !

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