Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Mallard.

The mallard is one of our most common and wide spread ducks.We offten over look them for photos.Today there was not much action at the wetland so i took a few photos just for the record.
I went this morning for a chance to get a picture of the snipe i have been talking about, But i dident get any photos because they were very wild and stayed in the tall grass.

This mallard hen has been in and out and all over the hen house i have set up, both her and her mate are very tame and follow me around the wetland.

As im sure you know if you read some of my other posts that i build and set up nest boxes and hen houses.
Bellow is a picture of a hen black duck checking out one of my hen houses in paradise.
The hen house is actualy not that hard to make, but a little pricey anywhere from 50-80$

Here is a link on how to build and install a hen house---

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