Wednesday, 27 April 2011

St. Brendans

May 24th weekend i will be going to my mother and fathers home town. St.Brendans island is a little island in bonavista bay. You must take the ferry accros from burnside on the east port peninsuala. The BRAN NEW state of the art ferry ride which is about 45 mins-1 hour. On the island you will notice how nice and VERY welcoming the locals are.Paddy Kelly my uncle is the man to look for, He quite offten takes random people who come to the island out in boat to see..Whales,Eagles, a sea gull and shore birds nesting coliney and just the sceenary is amazing.( Say Brendan Sent you) On the island people see very strange birds and most people dont know what they are.

The reason i am going there becides family is because i have been told there is a small eider coliney starting up on a small island not far from st.brendans. So i am gearing up and going on a little aventure with any luck i will find the breeding grounds and will be able to relay my pictures and info to Ducks Unlimited Canada, They are intrested in doing a project with the eiders !

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