Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Own Little Hunny Hole.

                                      I would think that every birder has there favourite spot. Well mine is a little wetland accross the street where i live in paradise. I get many diffrent species such as, mallards,blacks,green wing teal,pintale,wood duck, both species of weigon,snipe,killdeer,tree swallows,chick-a-dees,blue jays,crows and a few years back i even had a heron.

The wetland is in the final stages of being a wetland. I know in a few years it will be a field, every year it gets lower and lower but yet the birds still keep on comming.So im working hard with my local goverment to inhance the wetland and maby put a walking trail around it so more people can come and in joy it,
This is the picture that i am hoping with hard work and some local intrest i can transform the dieing wetland into a birding mecca and a wonderland for waterfowl.
I have a hen house set up for the ducks, and man do they love it !


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