Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Out behind my house

This is my second time this week going out behind my house to see what i can see and to hear what i can hear.I find it nice just being in the woods hearing the birds and seeing what animals i can see,And with a little insect repellent there wont be AS MANY flys.What more could a person ask for ? The wetlands are a home to many species of animals including frogs,fish,moose,coyote,king fisher,osprey,Merlin,mice,and even tree swallows !
The lily pads are starting to open flowers and the frogs are croaking.Its not something your going to find in down town st.Johns.

I took the opportunity to get some close ups of the frogs in the wetlands along the way.It was hard to get so close with out them darting off into the water.I'm pleased with the way they look !
The animals i seen today were:frogs,rabbits,many warblers and other birds of note.Tree swallows chasing a Merlin or small hawk,lots of sign of moose but i was late going in the woods so i didn't see any,and a few shrews crossing the trail.
For those of you thinking about going out in the woods like i did i would recommend you have the following: A pack sac,WATER!! and lots of it.A knife because you never know when one might come in hand and good foot wear.And assume you will be wet.

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