Sunday, 10 July 2011

Boreal Owl Idea

I got word from an older man that owns a camp in some old growth forest who has seen many boreal owls around the camp over the years.I have decided next year and over the winter and fall i plan on making and placing 15-20 boreal owl nest boxes spred out around the area.I also plan on making an osprey nesting platform but that's a story in its self.Ive read many websites about them and many books but most of the data they have is from other parts of Canada.I hear there is a boreal owl nest in a tree in Terra nova national park.If anyone has seen it could you please let me know what kind of tree it was in and how high up.Also if anyone knows any info that you think i should know could you please inform me.


Oh and all help and donations of wood are accepted and appreciated

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