Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Karwood Cabins

Just home from karwood cabins to check on how the tree swallows are doing and to see if the female hooded merganser is still hanging around.1one of the nest boxes has babies now.The male and female were going in and out with food as fast as they could.I didn't see the hooded merganser but there was that many ducks there she could of been right in front of me !
As i was walking around the area a spotted sandpiper began to randomly go crazy all around me.She called as loud as she could and then walked around pretending her wing was broken ! With all her noise she attracted at least 10 tree swallows,2crows and even a Robin.I knew i must be close to babies or a nest.So i walked away from the area and that was that.After about 10 minutes she starts going crazy again.I didn't mind her this time and began looking at some pictures i had taken.Then i seen something move in between my feet.....

This has to be the cutest and most random thing Ive seen in a long time !

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