Monday, 23 May 2011

May 24

My may 24th weekend was going to be like any other, out looking for birds here in town or checking nest boxes or fishing. I knew it had to be one of them! That eveing we had lobsters !! MY FAVOURITE

I woke up about 7:30 on saturday morning (early for me) and my dad asked if i wanted to go on a little fishing trip to a pond where when he was younger he fished and even won the NL fishing contest 3 times !
I was all for going.Not olny for fishing, but the diffrent birds and animals in the deep woods. I should mention that it was FAR in the woods,(about 3 hours from town and then a 30min-40min drive in the woods to the camp.After getting a few buddies together we set off...
We got there and my main goal was to get some pictures of the grey jay or as some call the wiskey jack or canada jay ! I thru out bred and peanuts. From past times in the woods i know they love that kind of food.My dad asured me i would easily get my picture soon ehough.We went to the pond and started fishing, as you can see we couldent of asked for a better setting, the loons calling and the snipe willowing in the sky with a little trickel of a stream in the background.
After fishing for about 3 hours and and getting a few fish we headed back to the camp. I dident see any jays but i did see at least 30 wood pecker holes ! 
For supper we had prime rib stakes on a little BBQ and played cards now thats my kind of roughing it !
The next weekend we woke up to the sun shinning in the windows. Another crisp calm morning as you can see !

Up on the pond we had our breakfast, eggs,sauages, toast and tea !

Here are some photos of birds i seen on the trip and the biggest fish we caught !
The duck to the right is a hen goldeneye i think and it is in a pond i have a nest box set up in !

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