Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tree swallow nest boxes & Some random pictures from the day !

 Tree swallow nest boxes are easy to build and the best part is, is that if you have it near a pond u almost deffintaly will get them to go into to ! Last year i put up 4 and everyone got used.

This tree is about 6 feet tall and has 2 northen flicker cavitys in it. Although they have olny been used once by flickers the starlings sure love it.

The ducks are on eggs ! (powers pond in mount pearl)
About 6 male mallards drove this hen off her nest and then forced her to mate with them. while she was gone i managed to get a quick photo

NOTE: i made sure not to disturb the hen "

Just a random picture of me today on top of topisal mountian !
Cheers ! Happy Birding !

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