Monday, 23 May 2011

The last day of may 24

 After being away from my local aera for a while and i knew the warm weather would bring birds.I went to nevils pond    (i awlways call it 1st pond)  and there was atleast 50-100 tree swallows.I seen lots of males but hardley any females.They were going in and out of my nest boxes and eating fly and playing, what more could i ask for !!

My mom wanted to go for a walk down to bowring park.I dident go with the intention of taking pictures but i brought my camera anyways.I was on the bridge watching the fish jump out of the water for the bread, when out of nowhere this tame crow landed about 3 feet away.I gave him a piece of bread and he went into the river,soaked the bread for easier swallowing.He keep coming back for more.So i got a quick photo before moving on.Im glad i did, its one of my favourites.

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