Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Resident Robin Again

I'm sure people are getting bored with me blabbing on about this every day robin that's now living in my backyard..
Well their is not much on the go birding wise so you going to have to settle for this :)
Over the last 3 weeks this robin has been literally living in my back yard.It does not leave.I have been keeping him or her fat with dog berries, blueberry's,oranges and even apples !
I have been keeping a close eye on him or her and Ive noticed he or she really does not stop eating.
The longest Ive seen him or her stop is for about 20 Min's then its back to filling up ! Soon i would guess he or she will realise that the food is always going to be there and that they can slow down with the eating ! Never the less its action at my bird feeders and I'm always joyed to look out my window and see him or her there eating away !

I also have 1 dark eyes junco that also "lives" in my yard. I'm not talking about staying there during the day for a few minutes here and there i mean 24/7 these birds are living in my yard !
This dark eyed junco is a different colouration then others that come to my yard she shows much more brown ? Ive read that DEJ can have a lot of variation in colour but one sub species called the oragan sub species seems to be the closest

Photo from here -
I promise that my next post WILL be about something then my backyard birds !
There is a snowy owl in town so i might try and have a peep at him !

Happy birding !

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