Monday, 2 April 2012

Back to Birding !

Just as i promised i got out birding today ! It was a gorgeous day ! The birds were singing and the sun was out shining ! It actually felt like spring !
As soon as i arrived at mundy pond i herd my first Song sparrow of the year singing at the top of a tree !

I was surprised to see a large flock of green wing and common teal in the little side pond, they were very skittish and did not want their photo taken so all i got was this in flight shot.

When i took this shot i was thinking i would only use it for a reccord shot but i love the green in the wings ! After a good start at mundy pond i headed to QV lake where there was nothing....
The gulls that were hanging out by where the river flows out all winter now are flying all around the lake and the ducks are swimming freely now that the ice has melted i guess i have to wait until next winter for the action to pick up again !

I arrived at what i believe is Pier 17 (The Bubble) I was surprised to see the gate open to the area that is usually closed off, nevertheless i headed in !The gulls were very actively feeding and flying all around.My main reason for going there was to get some more shots of the Black Headed Gulls that are looking very sharp with their bold black heads !

I am blocked with work over the weekend and next week so i doubt i will be getting out, but if i do the blog will be surely updated :)

Enjoy spring, Newfoundland might have more winter to come !


  1. The sparrow looks like a Song Sparrow to me.
    The central spot on the breast is the best clue.
    Fox Sparrows are noticeably larger than a Song Sparrow, and the subspecies in Eastern Canada looks very red!
    Both species can be difficult to figure out based on the field guide if you don't know what subspecies to expect. You can expect the 'melodia' subspecies of Song Sparrow and the 'iliaca' subspecies of Fox Sparrow!

    Song Sparrow is much more common in urban areas.

    The second last photo with the gull - what was it doing!?

  2. Thanks ! i tryed to call it a song sparrow but i still kept thinking fox because of how everyone else is seeing fox.
    LOL the seccond photo there is where a gull was shaking its head and i caught it right when its head was up side down :p i thought it looked pretty strange !