Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cape St.Marys Part Two

Cape St.Marys for me was possibily one of the most amazing things Ive seen sense Ive started birding ! There was never a dull moment, between eagles,gannets,murres,larks,kitty wakes and even a northern harrier ! I'm not sure where to start...Well ill start at the main attraction. Gannets.

I was astonished at how close you were to the gannets, when you were standing on the edge they were literally flying 2-3 feet from your face.You never will be able to see the beauty in these birds until your this close to them !

You would think that a bird with a wing span of almost 4-5 feet would be some what clumsy but they are truly graceful and ride the wind with ease !

There were many species of bird at the cape but for right now I'm going to talk about my two favourites, Next the Horned Lark !

I was hoping to see the horned lark at the cape because one of my field guides said it was one of the best location's in NL to see one. But i didn't get my hopes up to much because i knew they can be hard to locate. As soon as we arrived at the cape we played a lark call we had on brads itouch and with in seconds we had larks right in front of us !

At one point we had up to five horned larks in front of us ! Some were doing aerial combat over territory ! But it was NOT easy to get close to these birds ! They were very well at keeping their distance and even when we army crawled very slowly towards them with the call playing they were weary of our presence. There was a few times when one would let us get pretty close and that's where i got these shots !

One more post about the cape to come ! Hopefully you don't get bored by it !
Feel free to comment and let me know what i can improve....Yes i know my spelling but anything else ? COMMENT

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