Monday, 16 April 2012

The Astonishing Cape St.Marys

Astonishing is not the word to describe the amount of birds and activity at Cape St.Marys !
Well i think its fair to say that i witnessed the one day of the year that the majority of the breeding birds arrive on the breeding grounds ! AMAZING

When me and fellow photographer Brad James and i arrived at the cape there was approximately 3-4000 gannets and many thousand kitty wakes already on the breeding cliffs.
There was thousands and thousands of murres in the water but not one on the cliffs.

I made this picture this size so that you could try and take in the number of murres that i seen !
Later in the day the murres  took flight almost all at the same time and began to swarm the nesting cliffs !

By 3:00 most of the murres were on the cliffs searching for nest sites !

Theres A LOT more to come about the cape and its residents in my next post.

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  1. That second last pic is a Razorbill!
    Pretty sweet bird :)