Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November First

     Today after school i was able to pop up to Nevile's pond and get some new pictures and some dog berry's for the birds in winter.
So far the pond is home to about 80 American black ducks and mallards, 1 green wing teal, 1 blue wing teal (not there as of today), 7 ring bills,and now numbers of gulls are starting to gather on the wharfs around the pond !
After gathering my winter supply of dog Berry's for the waxwings i went and got a few pictures of the ducks !

After getting some photos of the ducks i headed up the side of the pond to karwood cabins where i seen a number of gulls hanging out !
I cant see any "rare" species in these photos but maybe you can so please comment if you see anything !
I'm trying my best to find someone to go birding with asap to try and find some of the cooler birds that have been popping up all over the place !
Also this year I'm going to go big with bird feeders ! i have decided if i cant get to the birds then whats a better way then to bring the birds to me ! I will then update the blog almost daily with photos and updates of what I'm seeing at my feeders.


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  2. Looks like all Herring Gulls and GBBGulls to me. If you keep looking and studying then I'm sure you'll notice something different eventually!

    I'll be home for some time after Christmas so we'll go birding then!

  3. Sounds good to me !
    By that time the gulls shouls be booming at QV lake !