Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Gull watching in St.Johns Habour

Today i set out I'm hopes of finding an uncommon or rare gull,
I headed down to one of the best places around to watch gulls....where else then the st.johns sewer outlet !
When i arrived the sun was shining in my eyes so that took away any good photo opps, i did stay a while and just scan with my binos but couldn't find anything among the kayotic feeding frenzy !
There was about 20 black headed gulls there of note and then the usual gulls.

After looking at the sewer gulls i headed behind the Harvey building where i was tipped off that there was cormorants hanging out.There wasn't any cormorants but there was an odd looking gull with a leg band that was surprisingly tame ! I got some pretty good shots of him and i am now waiting for an ID confirmation !
Also, i noticed about 30 small birds hanging out around a memorial that's near the Harvey building.I wasn't able to get a shot before they flew away

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