Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Waiting in Anticipation

Ive been birding a few times over the past few weeks but haven't turned up anything different.I actually went one day with out seeing anything ! That day was last weekend when me and a friend birded most of the southern shore checking the "hot spots" but found hardly any common birds.I still did enjoy myself, just being out is a always fun!
Now with report cards going out Thursday and mid terms not far away i would imagine I'm not going to get out till winter.
But; with winter comes some of the best birding ! Quidy vidy will soon become gull and tuffed duck heaven and we should start seeing some cedar waxwings and maybe if we are lucky we will get a rarity or two !
On a more interesting note, i was at Burton's pond in the MUN campus looking for the coots and any other birds that might be hanging around.
I didn't find many birds but what i did find was a little less then appetizing !

Yes that's right RATS the place was crawling with rats.I thought rats were not very active during the day but as you can see i was wrong.They were feeding on food left over by people feeding the ducks.
Before i left i had seen a total of about 20-30 rats.Also the campus its self had a lot of sign that rats were in the buildings, i seen where rats had holes dud going into the buildings and, there were holes chewed in exposed insulation around the campus.

I'm sorry if the blog is dead for awhile.I will try a post when or if i see something worth talking about.
OH ! i forgot to mention i seen my first snow buntings at cape spear 2 weekends ago !

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