Monday, 24 October 2011

Fall Birding So Far

So far i haven't birded at all this fall. High school has hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm buried in home work ! From E=MC^2 to C2o and everything in between.NF.birds has been booming with sightings and only makes me want to get out more !
I have been checking Nevile's pond but not much action there besides about 10 wigeon,7 scaup and many American blacks and mallards.I thought a few days back i seen a blue wing teal there but couldn't confirm.
If an when i do get out i hope to enjoy and try my best to find some cool birds.I haven't seen any buntings,vireos,chats or anything like that so almost anything along the lines of that would be a real treat !
I'm sure anyone reading this blog from the Avalon knows how nice of a spring we have been having ! Great weather and great birds.....just not for me lol

Some more positive news is that Newfoundland Power has agreed to place 2 utility poles for me to put osprey nesting platforms on !
Anyone who knows a good place that is in need of a pole just e-mail me and ill try my best to get one set up !

Here are a few pictures i got at the pond last weekend

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