Thursday, 6 October 2011

Not a Succes but not bad.

I have been keeping a close eye on Nevile's pond after i found a male hooded merganser and failed to get a shot of him.
There have been a juvenile female common goldeneye and some wigeon hanging around there as well.

This male is not in full plumage but i still love the colours he has been showing off.The female goldeneye was not as tame but i did get some record shots.

I plan on placing a nest box here next spring because you never know when a cavity Nester could be around.
I am hoping to get out Saturday at some birds and hopefully get some nice shots to put up here on the blog.

Today i didn't get any real good shots because the wind was almost knocking me off my feet.It got o the point where the wind was so hard i had to wait to look through my binos because the wind would move me so much i couldn't stay still !

I like this shot because you get to take in all the patterns and shades of the male Eurasian wigeon !


  1. Nice shots Brendan. How many Wigeon are there now? I assume they're pretty tame based on how close your photo is. I ask because I'm thinking of writing an article about Wigeon identification, concentrating on immature males and females.


  2. There are 6, I think 1 male and 5 females.
    There very tame and fly towards you when you go to the pond.