Sunday, 11 September 2011


School is now in full swing and Ive already had homework.To say the least I'm dreading going back because everyday someone is posting about all the shore birds or a rare warbler and i know i have to wait until the weekend to even get a chance at seeing it.This weekend i was working 15 hour days out to garnish on the burin peninsula with my dad.One morning i found a lesser yellowlegs on the shore line along with about 200 other little peeps and sandpipers ! It is nice knowing i now have enough money for my new binos but also knowing i have to wait another week to get to use them the way i want is horrible.Anyways enough about my complaints and now the good news.
I'm planing on heading to somewhere like cape freels or somewhere with very good shorebird action next weekend and see if i can get some good shots and add a few birds to my list.

You can now feel the crisp fall air in the morning and at night reminding you fall is not far away.I hope the storms brewing down south brings with it some rare birds.

The blog may be a little slow for the next little while with school,work,birding and who knows what Else I'm not going to be updating everyday.

In my next post i will rant on about my new binos and some of my fall birding expectations

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