Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Labour Day Weekend

Labour day weekend i headed to St.Brendan's Island. Anyone who reads my blog knows how i feel about st.Brendan's and its people.
We left town around 2:00 on Friday and headed to Burnside to catch the 5:15 ferry ride.The sun was shining and it was very warm sitting outside on the deck catching up with old friends and enjoying the view.We arrived at St.Brendan's at 6:15 and were greeted with family and friends as we unloaded the boat.
As we drove down the road i looked up at the ospreys nest and watched the young flap there wings and try to fly, while the mother osprey sat in a close tree observing them.Every 10-20 minutes one would take a leap and glide around the nest.It was a very cool sight.

That evening we had a BBQ and went visiting family.The sun set was amazing and my picture doesn't do it justice

The next day i searched every beach on the island looking for shorebirds.The only species i could find was semipalmated plovers.The did come in very different shades and plumages.

I did find 1 least sandpiper alone feeding around a bed of kelp.
That brings me to bird 104 or 105 !

Another thing i enjoyed was how many osprey were always fishing where ever i was ! Every time i would look up i would notice that there was one fishing ! I also noticed that they almost always will get flat fish over any other fish.I guess its easier to grip to.

Im hoping to have my binos in a few weeks time and school starts in a few days.....good bye summer birding

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