Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cold Nights And Cool Mornings

Its that time of year again when the leaves beggin to change and frost apears on the windshield of your car in the morning.Not much longer and you will see the leaves changing.I haven't been doing ANY birding in a while now because Ive been wrapped up in school.I also noticed its getting darker eariler in the day and its always cold in the mornings while waiting for the school bus.
I am hoping to get to bear cove before all the warblers migrate.I am always reading posts of large numbers of warblers there and many rare species.I haven't experienced much warbler action let alone a rare species so seeing bear cove in its prime would be a treat !
I noticed a decrease in people checking up on shorebirds so I'm assuming that in the near future were going to have a rarity.Shorebirds are always great for photos but they usually offer great looks and they never get boring !

The blog may be pretty dull the next couple of weeks unless i get out to bear cove or do some shore birding.

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